“Back-Half” Agenda

I am excited to announce that construction of the last four feet of the Paul R. Tregurtha is underway! Since the first eight feet were more of a learning curve than anything, I am making 3 main changes that will increase the quality of my models without raising the price.

  1. 6 inch supports instead of 12 inch. This will give the model more stiffness, and basswood panels will be less likely to warp while moving the model.

2. Instead of using 4 inch deck panels, I am moving to 8-to-12 inch panels. This will take out all but one of the seams on the PRT, while also opening a door for me to produce seamless decking for older AAA-style vessels.

3. Last but certainly not least, I am increasing side-hull thickness from 1/16 inch to 3/32 inch. This does not seem like a huge change, but it makes a whole world of difference when it does not splinter when drilling. It will also help ward against panel warping while moving, similar to solution 1.

Thank you for visiting this site, and I wish everyone a safe and happy Easter.


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